Ca Verde is a cooperative of milk, oil and wine producers located in the Verona and Lake Garda area. Each product is made with the best organic quality. In particular, all cheeses are made with milk from the best alpine cattle breeds. The range is extremely wide from typical Italian cheeses like mozzarella and parmigiano to caciottas refined in pomaces and ashes. In addition, we also produce goat and sheep milk cheeses.

Mozzarisella is a brand of the Venetian company Frescolat. This brand includes vegan mozzarellas and cheeses made of rice sprouts, which makes them suitable for lactose-intolerant people. These products do not contain soy and their taste is very delicate and genuine.

Kiwiny is a small family-owned business located close to Venice. The company started as a kiwy producer and they have recently launched their smoothie brand. The range is very wide and includes many different tastes: from detox to energize and relax.

Mediterranea is a small company based in Marostica, a town close to Vicenza. Founded in 1993, Mediterranea pioneered the production of tofu, seitan and tempeh-based products in Italy. Mediterranea’s products are rich in proteins and vitamins and they are not fried but cooked in the oven, which makes them genuine, healthier and easier to digest. Their speciality? The medburgers: burgers with a wide range of tastes in the best vegan quality and tradition!

Carlevari BIO has a long tradition as a wholesaler of fresh fruit and vegetables in the North-East of Italy. Since 1998, It has developed a innovative identity and a new generation business project based on providing high quality and affordable Italian organic fresh fruit and vegetables to Europe.

Padovana Macinazione

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Padovana Macinazione is a company that has been operating in the organic sector since 1956. It was born as an artisan mill and evolved over the years to become a point of reference for companies looking for organic quality food and ingredients. Their organic range includes cereals, rice, legumes, seeds, spices, sauces, creams, sweeteners, food additives and much more. The company works both with food industries and small transformers, ensuring punctuality and a good service.